Brazil – Aerospace Business Summit - 04-08 December 2017

BrazilThe Brazilian Aerospace Cluster and the EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership) will host the first edition of the Brazilian Aerospace Business Summit in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil, from 4 to 8 December 2017.

Come and meet industry experts! The Summit program will show some opportunities in the Brazilian Aerospace sector, new technologies, cooperation, development of business and network throught business meetings and presentations.

See below the proposed agenda for the event, informations about the Brazilian Cluster, the host city – São José dos Campos and the Technological Park, location where the Brazilian Summit will be held.

Brazilian Aerospace Cluster
Organized in 2014 and bringing together more than 90 companies from the aerospace and defense supply chain, the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster is recognized as a representative body for the country's aerospace sector, over 20.000 jobs with annual revenues of US$ 7 billion. These companies are distributed throughout six Brazilian States, most of which (60%) are headquartered in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, as some of those are located in the Technology Park of São José dos Campos itself. Read more+


The city of São José dos Campos lies in the Paraíba River Valley, São Paulo State, Brazil. The county total area is 1.102 km2. Moreover around 60% of its total area are Environmental Preservation Areas. Its population is around 700.000 inhabitants. The annual growth rate is around 1,89%; 95,1% of this population live in the urban area and 4,9% live in the countryside.

According to the Municipal Human Development Index from the United Nations, São José dos Campos is among 25 Brazilian cities which has better conditions of life. It is famous for its technological and industrial park, its municipal parks and its sustainable development.

São José dos Campos is the most important economical and industrial city of this region and, its industrial park stands out in the Brazilian scenery for presenting three remarkable companies segments: the automotive, the telecommunications and aerospace and, the defense. It is composed by 720 companies distributed in 677 small companies with more than 90 employees each, 28 medium companies with more than 450 employees and 15 big companies with more than 1000 employees.


The São José dos Campos Technological Park is organized into several environments, which house some 320 resident and associated companies, and educational and research institutions. Thus, it stands as the largest innovation and entrepreneurship complex in Brazil:

  • Two business centers with small and medium companies
  • One business center with large companies
  • Its own business incubator and two connected incubators
  • A Cluster with companies from the TIC segment
  • A Cluster with companies from the aerospace and defense segment
  • Five technological development centers
  • Three multiuse laboratories
  • A business office
  • Three entrepreneur galleries
  • University City, with three educational and research institutions

The perimeter of the Park surrounds 25 million square meters. And the buildings continue to grow in number, with the permanent construction of new edifi ces to house companies, laboratories, and universities.

Since its founding, the Park has invested R$ 1.9 billion. The public funding (R$ 500 million) came from the city government of São José dos Campos, the State of São Paulo, and the Federal government. Private investments have totaled R$ 1.4 billion.

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