Invitation to Tender: Space-based Services in Support Of CBRNe Operations

Header ESAUntenstehend finden Sie eine Ausschreibung der ESA. Auch wenn sie offiziell an den Raumfahrtbereich adressiert ist, sind auch Drohnentechnologien und –expertise gefragt. Studien werden zu 100% finanziert. Die Deadline zur Einreichung ist der 31.Juli 2017.



The European Space Agency, in collaboration with the European Defence Agency, offers support to companies for assessing the viability of space-based services in response to CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosive) threats.

The Invitation To Tender for Space-based Services in Support of CBRNe Operations is now open for proposals and closes for submissions 31 July 2017.

Proposed services shall integrate different features for different scenarios: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. They may need remote or global interconnectivity, robust communication, positioning, precision timing, remote control of unmanned vehicles, in-situ and standoff sensors, technology for harsh environments, geo-information etc. Space assets, such as satellite communication, satellite navigation, Earth observation, or human spaceflight can enable these capabilities.

What We Look For

  • Top-notch team with business and domain expertise
  • Attractive market opportunity and customer engagement
  • Commercially viable service concepts
  • Technically feasible solutions enabled by space

What We Offer

  • Technical & Business Expertise
  • Network & Partnership Building
  • ESA Branding & Promotion
  • Available funding per contract
    • up to €350 000 for Baseline and Option (ESA + EDA) *
    • up to €250 000 for Baseline (ESA)

Based on the results of the studies awarded under this ITT, follow-up Demonstration Projects of the defined service concepts, with the goal of delivering sustainable services to the targeted user/customer communities, are planned to be supported within the existing framework programmes.

* Detailed information on Baseline and Option are provided in the tender documents




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